National Geographic Channel’s “Diggers” interested in Albion Lore

National Geographic “Diggers” contacted me earlier this year, after discovering that I have a fascination with the connections of Albion and Detroit’s Purple Gang.

“Diggers” was considering a visit to Albion in the future to research “Purple Gang” sites. They had hoped to uncover artifacts that date back to those days of the Prohibition era activity of resident gang members. Look for “Diggers” on your National Geographic Channel.

Potential sites would include: The Leisure Hour Club, Louis Fleischer’s Boarding House, The Bohm Theatre, and the Kroger Store site. Any artifacts discovered would remain with the owners of the property involved.

While I am not sure if this dig actually will take place, there remains much interest in the Purple Gang’s connect to Albion.

There is a map of the Purple Gang that you might like to print out for your next visit to Albion. We have more Purple Gang information courtesy of Albion Historian Frank Passic.

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